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Host a Birmingham Green Doors event

Have you made energy efficiency improvements to your home?  Or maybe to a community building or business?  Are you willing to receive visitors to see what you have done?  Can you host a Birmingham Green Doors event?

  • Date, time, duration to suit you
  • You can decide how public the event is
  • It can be in Birmingham or the surrounding areas e.g. Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Black Country
  • We  (Phil Beardmore and Claire Campbell) will organise the event
  • We won’t reveal the address until we are sure attendees are bona fide
  • You can choose to exclude any attendee before we reveal the address
  • You can choose for this to be an outdoor event if you wish
  • We charge attendees £10 to cover the costs of our marketing person (Danielle Parker) and towards the running costs of this website.  

Express an interest in hosting

If you are interested in hosting, please contact us and we will be in touch.  

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