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What people are saying about Birmingham Green Doors

Here’s what attendees have been saying about Birmingham Green Doors events!

Did the visit change your opinions in anyway? What, if anything, will you do differently?

I feel more motivated to start acting, been reluctant as living with cancer.  Am thinking deeply re way ahead.
Have booked phil to do energy assessment.  Ann Gallagher

I am also intrigued by having now seen two homes that have had solid wall insulation added in spite of having insulatable cavities. I hadn’t considered this was even an option or worthwhile previously. It is not something we can do immediately but it is interesting to see what’s possible and possibly to do in the future.  Tom Cummings

It changed how we feel about keeping our home at an even temperature by keeping the heating on at a lower level for longer as this helps with reducing condensation.  Danielle Parker 

How could we improve the experience of Birmingham Green Doors?

I found it a very satisfying experience and I would tell u if it was not! – Ann Gallagher

It would be helpful for me if there were opportunities for further networking after the events (could be as simple as the option of exchanging email addresses or a Whatsapp group), as it struck me on both occasions there was a wealth of different experiences and expertise in the rooms which could be really valuable for those of us less far along the retrofitting journey. – Tom Cummings

What would you like to see at future Birmingham Green Doors events?

Just to see other green installations and ideas and hear from owners on their strengths and downsides. Also cost/ benefit to environment – what works best when limited pot for eco-fit. – Liz Tilly

I think MPs and councillors and business / faith leaders need to come to see what needs doing and is possible and support it to happen – Ann Gallagher

Smaller house eg 2 bed terrace – Ann Gallagher

More of the same really. Helpful to see a variety of different styles / ages of houses and different solutions / technologies being showcased. The two so far have already been quite different from one another. It would be good to see somewhere with a heat pump in operation if possible. – Tom Cummings


Do you have any more comments?

It was an informative and insightful afternoon, demonstrating what can be achieved and what we, in the UK, should be doing, before it’s too late. – Patrick Casey

It was great thanks – have posted a thank you card to Nigel and Marta. – Liz Tilly

How can I support to make more people esp MPs / councillors / local business more aware ?  Especially poor areas.  Ann Gallagher

This BGD event helped us to understand better what we can do to reduce condensation and heat loss in our home. It makes all the difference seeing the work done on someone else’s home in person and gave us a better idea of measures we can take ourselves. Danielle Parker 

You can view and book forthcoming Birmingham Green Doors events below.


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