See a whole-house green makeover in progress Saturday 24th or Monday 26th February

Our next Green Doors event is this February with Philippa in Lichfield, about nine minutes’ walk from Lichfield City train station. This is a unique opportunity to see a whole-house green makeover in progress. It’s a real ‘spade-in-the-ground’ learning opportunity for anyone interested in making homes more energy efficient.

Philippa is having significant energy saving measures fitted to her 1960s house, and she is part way through the refurbishment, which means you will ‌have the rare opportunity to see:

  • How to achieve continuous insulation for maximum improvement in thermal performance
  • Under-floor heating going in
  • How to insulate a loft hatch with a loft ladder present
  • How to use recycled steel in a refurbishment, reducing the overall emissions of the project
  • The importance of insulating pipework that distributes hot water to radiators, and how to do it

Learn from Philippa’s experience of implementing measures such as insulation, heating systems, and solar panels with battery. You will also learn from Philippa’s deep thinking about which energy saving measures will give the greatest return on carbon savings, for the most modest investment of money and time.

Hear about difficult previous experiences of poorly designed energy saving measures being done to the house several years ago, such as insulation to the loft and walls.

Several slots are available for you to come along. The house is nine minutes’ walk from Lichfield City train station. The address will be given to you once your booking has been accepted.

‌Who should attend?

  • People interested in energy saving in their own home
  • People whose work involves advising others on how to save energy
  • Students who are learning about energy efficient buildings.

Saturday 24th February, 11am-12.30pm and 1-2.30pm

Monday 26th February, 12-2pm

‌In partnership with BVSC , BrumEnergy project, funded by a grant from Midlands Net Zero Hub / DESNZ.


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