Ben talking about how warm the house is

A tour of Ben’s energy efficient Edwardian home in Moseley


We’re pleased to announce the rescheduling of an eagerly anticipated tour of Ben’s house.

You will see how Ben transformed his home from cold and draughty to warm and cosy.

Come along for a unique  tour to see how he:

– Used an independent energy efficiency audit for expert advice

– Made some quick and easy changes to stop losing heat

– Had different types of insulation works completed

– Upgraded from a gas boiler to a heat pump

– Utilised solar to generate electricity

– Accessed grants for financial support

– Chosen and worked with contractors

You will also be able to see before and after thermal images!

BOOK NOW!   Time slots available on Saturday 13th and Monday 15th April.

Book now! Time slots available on Saturday 13th and Monday 15th April.

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